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Nissan Altima

Nissan Altima or as called as Teana in Asian countries is preparing for its facelift. Ofcourse, why should the Japanese most emerging car maker could not do what the rest of the world is doing nissan teana 2013.

Codenamed as W42L, Nissan Teana or called as Altima in European countries is expected to roll out in late 2013. Nissan replaced the long running Versa with the Sunny in America and sells the Micra as the March in Thailand and China.

The car as spotted in the spy pics looks like a Sunny XL with pulled back headlights, V-Shaped grille and swooping roofline. The car is likely to compete with Honda Accord, Skoda Superb, VW Passat and Toyota Camry.

New Nissan Teana 2013

The Nissan Teana is a luxury mid-size car produced by Nissan Japan. This premier luxury sedan that redefines modern luxury featuring captivating design and exceptional drivability is one of the best car in Japanese new cars line-up. The new definition of luxury in the image of Nissan's premier sedan, the Teana realized in a sophisticated modern design that is evident in the sculpted exterior, comfortable interior, and every detail of this inspiring sedan for import or export to any country.

You can experienced in the confident and effortless performance, TEANA transcends the modern luxury sedan concept in the Japanese car industry. If you are looking for a quiet, luxury, smooth, absolute sheer pleasure and refinement driving experience, go for the NISSAN TEANA. If you have decided "New Nissan Teana" as your next car, send inquiry for quotation at the bottom of this page for Sale by the exporter.

Detail Nissan Teana 2013

Nissan Teana 2013

Nissan’ next generation Teana will be launched by the end of 2013. Codenamed W42L, the Honda Accord rivaling Teana was rendered recently by a Japanese magazine. It carried design idioms from the 370Z and other smaller cars in the Nissan Teana 2013 portfolio.

The new Teana will serve as the Altima in certain markets with minor changes to body panels and interior trim. The front fascia will be different but realistically, both models will be one and the same. Right now both these are independent D-Segment cars and blending them is similar to the Nissan Sunny-Nissan Versa plan (one model serves with two nameplates)

We haven’t heard anything from Nissan India on CKD plans for the Teana. We heard that the company is interested in assembling both CBU models X-Trail and Teana now that they have the provision in Oragadam. Will Nissan continue using the CBU channel and switch over to CKD when the next gen models are available?

What Health Questionnaire Auto

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An auto accident insurance questionnaire is relevant for those who are either looking to take an auto accident insurance policy or are claiming for the reimbursements incurred in auto accident while being under an insurance policy. The following sample auto accident insurance questionnaire can help understand the type of questions to be framed.

The questionnaire must first begin with questions related to identification, e.g. name, gender, date of birth, address, etc. These act as warm-up questions and you can then move on to more specific medical-history questions. Generally health questionnaires have questions with dichotomous choices, with yes/no answers. Wherever the respondent marks ‘yes’, space must be provided for further explanation.

Star Wars Toyota Celica

“You’ve never heard of the 1977 Star Wars Celica? Kids, it’s the car that was the grand prize in the Star Wars Space Fantasy Sweepstakes.” It most likely started life as a 1977 Celica LiftBack GT Pace Car, an extra-flared, spoilered-up version of the coupe that already looked like a three-quarter scale muscle car. Delphi Auto Design of Costa Mesa, California lavished the bodywork with a custom paint job featuring galactic nebula, TIE fighters, X-Wings, and a lovingly airbrused recreation of the Tom Jung poster art on the hood. Pete Vilmur has been looking for this car for a long time, and he’s probably the foremost expert on it, but still, nothing has emerged from the ether.

The trail goes colder than Hoth after 1977, when the contest, a joint effort between Toyota and Twentieth Century Fox, picked its award winners. No record of the car’s VIN can be found, nor can the name of a winner. That may be due in part to Delphi Auto Design being caught in a legal imbroglio involving drug running, murder and income tax violation that tied up one of the main financiers of the business. There was a glimmer of hope in the form of an early-1980s classified ad listing the car for sale, but no record of that can be turned up, either.

So where is it? Who won it? Did it wind up like most Celicas from that era, attacked by tinworm or traded in on a newer car? It’s conceivable that the customized cosmos paint job was sprayed over at some point. Maybe the Celica just met an ignominious end somewhere during the Kessel Run. Nobody knows, but we’re all keen to find out.

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loan vs lease new car

If you think that car leasing is only done by those who are going away on business trips to another state and need a vehicle to use for the duration of their stay, think again. You can actually use car leasing as an alternative to car owning – and there are cost advantages that you will get to enjoy by doing so. Perhaps what turns most people off the prospect of car leasing is that they do not necessarily understand how it works. In the following sections, we will take a look at the difference between long-term leasing and private car leasing, which are two of the most common agreements when renting a car for a longer time than usual.

Most people have this misconception that renting a car means having access to a rental for a few days up to about a couple of weeks. Although this is a viable option for travellers, you can actually enter into a long-term leasing agreement.

Let’s say that you just got a job and you need a car to get you to and from work. However, you do not have the fund to pay off the down payment and purchase a new car. Instead of scrambling to borrow cash which you can barely afford, why not lease a car instead? As compared to buying, this is definitely a far cheaper option where you do not even have to put together funds for a down payment.

In fact, car leasing has become a truly desirable option for drivers who like to get behind the wheel of a new car model every couple of years or so. Instead of trading in or selling their current car, simply surrendering the leased car at the end of the agreement and leasing a new one works more practically and conveniently. Depending on the contract that you will sign with the car leasing company, you can lease a car anywhere from a few months to a couple of years or even longer than that. By the end of the lease agreement, you have the option to either buy the car for yourself or lease another model and make of a car, if you’d like to drive something new.

How about Private Car Leasing?

On the other hand, there’s also private car leasing agreements which take the form of sub-leases, lease swapping or lease transfers. When you sub-lease a car, you are actually leasing a car from someone who is leasing the vehicle fro a car dealership. The reason why some people enter into this kind of agreement is they cannot afford the monthly payments. Or, if you have a bad credit rating but you would like to drive the latest model of this hybrid car that you have been eyeing for a long time, you can get the car that you want by sub-leasing it from another individual.

Whether it’s a long-term or a private car leasing agreement that you will be entering, it is important to determine the terms of the agreement. Make sure that most of the terms work in your favor, and the costs associated with leasing are actually cheaper than when you are making monthly payments towards a brand new car purchase.

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